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A bio of Roddy Clarke




Roddy’s passion for interior design stems from a young age. Growing up, his father was a well-known China and Porcelain restorer, igniting a keen interest, for Roddy, in reconditioning and handling luxury items. 

Roddy started his career working on exhibitions and displays for various clients, generating design ideas for point of sale displays and event spaces – constantly evolving his creative style.

Following in the footsteps of his father, he then moved in to the restoration industry where he spent over three years managing multiple projects for private clients, stately homes and larger public spaces. It was here that he gained extensive design knowledge, as well as discovering the limits of working with antiques and vintage items. 

 After moving to London, and as his passion grew, Roddy then focused his energy on the furniture retail industry. Working on product development he used his expertise, in dealing with antique items, to inspire his creative thinking when developing new, contemporary pieces. It was here that Roddy also gained experience styling interior products for shoots. 

With a breadth of skills and hands-on industry experience, Roddy now offers an exclusive interior styling and design service. With a can-do attitude, his knowledge and passion shine through on every project he undertakes. Alongside his interior styling and design projects, Roddy is a journalist covering many areas of interior design and working with a lot of well known publishers and titles in the industry.